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How We Work

The delivery of our service is underpinned by the National Occupational Standards for Youth Work practice, and aims to facilitate the personal, social and educational development of young people. By building relationships with young people and the local community, we believe that we can provide a strong and effective support network to help with the transition from dependence to independence.

The priorities and objectives which we set out to achieve are met by facilitating projects and activities through informal learning, empowerment and challenging attitudes and behaviours, We use consultation and a ‘youth-led’ approach to provide more effective means to the delivery of these projects and activities.

We provide a balanced timetable of open-access multi-activity sessions with a theme for those young people who might want to get involved with, such as drama, radio DJing, music and arts & crafts workshops to encourage creativity. By using resources such as West Hull Community Radio, we hope to plug young people in to the wider community, and use this opportunity to give them voice and influence. This is also the case with our youth forum groups, who meet on a regular basis to discuss local issues which directly affect them, and also at a city-wide level through the Hull Young Peoples Parliament, and we actively encourage young people to use their skills and qualities to demonstrate active citizenship. These sessions are mostly be about having fun, but also include the development of essential skills and knowledge such as the use of technology, personal safety including cyber bullying, and discussion around worries and aspirations.

Alongside personal and social development, we also aim to meet current national and local employability agenda by the implementation of both accredited and non-accredited qualifications, by using frameworks such as the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme to recognise and reward the participants for their achievements. Along with introducing a soft-outcomes monitoring process which involves young people themselves to recognise and record their own progress, it is possible to measure the journey of an individual or group of young people.

This process would include various aspects of a young person’s life, such as their ability to manage feelings and build positive relationships, which would eventually help to build confidence and resilience.

Extra focus of our service is placed on the need for a healthy lifestyle, which includes information and guidance around smoking, legal and illegal drug use and alcohol. This is achieved by providing awareness sessions delivered both internally and by external agencies and organisations. We also actively promote the benefits of a healthy diet, the benefits of physical activity, mental health awareness, and some of the factors which could have an impact on this such as school life, bullying and home life. We aim to achieve this by designing a programme of activities, which we would recommend every young person who access our services would complete over as longer or shorter time period as which they felt comfortable. These sessions would again be heavily influenced by the young people themselves, and would count towards accredited and non-accredited achievement. The activities would include healthy eating/cooking on a budget, various indoor and outdoor physical activities chosen by young people, educational visits, outdoor activity residential visits with young people involved in the planning and problem solving, and issue-based awareness sessions.